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iOS 4 gold is now friendly with any iPhone or iPod touch thro iTunes 9.2

Apple’s gold build release is compatible with any appropriate iPhone or iPod touch. It doesn’t matter if its UDID has been sent to the dev centre. The only need is the copy of iTunes 9.2. The only thing to be obtained is to manage the proper files.
One of the developer msft.guy who previously had his credentials which included newly-released binary had an update of his PwnageTool with this new update. The individuals must update this new iOS at the risk of their own. The iPhone Dev Team has assured …

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EVO first day sales has been overstated says Sprint Nextel Corp

The overall sales of HTC EVO 4G devices sold on the open day was similar to the sales of Samsung Instinct and Palm Pre devices together sold on the first three days on the market.
“We initially stated that the overall sales of HTC EVO 4G devices sold on first day launch were three times the sales of Samsung Instinct and Palm Pre devices sold on the first three days on the market together.”
“We unintentionally made a mistake in the comparison,” said Sprint on Tuesday.
The previous estimation of EVO sales in …

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Slacker Radio announces music anywhere, everywhere

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with Slacker Radio 2.0 can now be used for caching the desired Slacker music stations to hear music anywhere. Never mind they are connected to a wireless network or not. With this subscription, users can select their favourite stations to be cached by simply beating “Cache This Station” from any page. Once the desired stations are selected, the songs are downloaded by choosing “Refresh Stations” from the Cached Stations link in the home page. While the refresh process is going on, the application will save …

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Unlimited data plan for just $30 offers AT&T

Anyone who orders an iPad before June 7 will get an unlimited data plan for $30 says AT&T as an extension of its olive branch. Orders can be placed till the midnight of June 6th till 11:59 pm. It is not sure that you users may receive your their iPad this Monday but the unlimited data plan is guaranteed if the order is placed before the time given.
Rumors say that this offer has postponed the shipments of Apple’s iPad till June 7 to handle the beam flash of the …